Greetings from the Gold Coast!

If you have read anything I have written, had any conversation with me or just know me, you will know that I'm a very spontaneous creature.

My spontenaety has struck again. During my Saturday night shift in Sydney, I made the decision to fly to the Gold Coast with my friend for her birthday. I have desperately needed to get out of Sydney and have been saying so for weeks. So when I found out that my shifts have been cut because of COVID and I would only be required to be at work 3 days a week, I thought what the hell.

So here I am, at the Gold Coast. When I finished my shift, I went home, showered, packed my bags, managed to get two hours sleep and then was off to the airport.

You're probably wondering what my COVID domestic airport experience was like.

When I was on the train to the airport I was surprised by how many people were getting off at the domestic terminal station. By the time I got into the terminal, it was really quiet though. Next to nothing was opened and there was no one there enforcing masks or sanitisation of any sorts, which surprised me.

I had no checked-in baggage so I went straight to the security check where I was 'randomly' selected for drug and explosive testing; Passed - obviously. Made my way to Gate 57 and proceeded to wait. There were signs indicating safe hygiene practices and stickers to show you were to sit, but once again that was it.

As we were boarding we were informed that there were masks available, but they were not enforced. There was no distancing on the plane, which made me wonder what the point of social distancing at the gate was. Don't get me wrong, there was a large number of people who had chosen to wear there masks, but the girls next to me certainly didn't.

When we disembarked we were strictly instructed to take our mask/hygiene packs with us. That there were not to be left anywhere on the plane - made sense. Our other specific instruction was that we were to stay seated until told, as the Australian Federal Police (AFP) were inside and we needed them to be ready for us. Interesting.

Walking through the Gold Coast Coolangatta terminal, we followed this winding path all the way to what looked like an international terminal check point. You could not pass without firstly showing your Queensland Boarder Declaration Pass and then your ID. They asked you a couple of questions, mainly to ensure that you hadn't been in a hot spot zone and then you were free to go.

As simple as that.

Ok team, with that now written down, I am off to the beach. Bye! x

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