We're going to print!

If you haven't already seen from all of the social media posts... We went to print today!

I have been waiting for this moment for almost two years.

Can you believe that all this started whilst sitting in a pub in London and having people tell me I should write about my experiences?

Initially I just blew off their comments as polite responses, but when it was becoming a common response, I thought more of it.

Over the years, I have started and stopped. Only to restart because I had people demanding where my book was.

"Have you finished writing it yet?" They would ask.

"Opps, no. I'll get back on it" As I pull out my laptop again.

Many hours have been spent in and out of cafes all over the UK, Spain, Portugal and now Sydney. Polishing this book off.

It has seen its vitual way to the US to be edited as well as back to the UK. Thanks the universe for technology.

Anyway, not too much longer until we hold 'Travelling with Baggage'.

If you haven't already ordered your book yet, don't fret click here to get your copy!

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