The Club is back open!

If you've read the book already, you would know that I worked at a strip club just before I left as a General Manager.

When I flew back to Australia in November 2019, I already had work lined up at a fitness studio. Unfortunately, they ended up taking 4 whole months to onboard me. Constantly dangling that golden carrot in front of me. Telling me that I just needed to wait for this, or I just needed to wait for that.

The waiting time meant that the money that I had put aside for reestablishing myself back in Australia had dwindled down to next to nothing. I knew I had to do something, so I reached out to a few old colleagues and asked if they knew of any work going in hospitality. Good old hospitality to the rescue. Thankfully there was some work available and I went in for the interview.

I interviewed to work for a new and upcoming nightclub to work as staff whom would also create marketing content for them. However, once the owner found out that I used to be the General Manager for the other night club, which he now owned, I was sent straight back there.

Honestly, I felt like 'what was the point of me even leaving Australia'. Good news though, this owner actually wanted to invest in this business and see it flourish, so I agreed. My new title, Event Manager. That was until COVID happened.

By the time COVID hit, the fitness studio had finally onboarded me and I'd essentially was stood down from both jobs.... on my birthday. Awesome timing, right. Luckily I had been preparing myself for it happening and had lined up to stay with my beautiful sister out in the country.

My time in the country was short-lived as the fitness studio were able to reemploy me quite quickly. The only problem was, my role had changed quite significantly and I opted out. This being a blessing in disguise as I was then able to focus my full attention on my book Travelling with Baggage and it is now the finished product that you see today.

Fast forward to now, we have just received great news that we are allowed to reopen with the new COVID guidelines. Lets just hope that my body adjusts quickly from living in the day, to living at night.

I'll keep you posted!

In the meantime, check out some of these cool photos I've previously taken over the years, whilst working here.

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